Stonework & Metalwork

Asphalt & Cement Saws

At RGA Trading you can find a range of asphalt and cement sawing machines by Paolini Onelio & Figlio s.n.c. These solutions work using both petrol and electric engines for a high-end result. Ideal for cutting concrete pavements using the correct technique for a precise and successful operation. 


Stone & Tile Cutting Machines

The Pilma Machinery Stone and Tile Cutting Machine comes with a 3HP motor power and a 300mm or 350mm saw blade.
We also hold the Nuova Mondial MEC Manta 500 stone and tile cutting machine for added precision.

Power Trowels

We can also present you with power trowels. These multi-blade machines are ideal to polish concrete or levelling its surface in a smooth and balanced manner.

Professional Dust Collectors

Ideal to present continuous cleaning up, and to avoid dust from entering crevices and equipment in your workshop. The FM300N Plima Dust Collector comes with a 500mm bag diameter and a filtration rate of 30 micros. Our Pilma FM350 Dust Collector is also a great choice for anyone looking for multiple dust suction intake holes. 

Painting Pumps

For a choice of pneumatic pumps for painting installations, you can check out our Air 30V low-pressure double diaphragm pump by Falcioni Pompe. This low-pressure pump is equipped with an anti-pulsation bag and a paint volume regulator.


Lathes can be used to shape, drill, sand, knurl, turn, cut and deform any type of metal

Tool Sharpeners

Keep your tools in tip-top shape with our Pilma woodworking sharpener MF127

Wet-Cutting Machines

The Falcon 275 by MEP is a wet-cutting manual sawing machine for metals also available as a bench model

Wrought-Iron Machines 

Our Krieger Basic Machine KBM 4 machine comes with various attachments and a number of features 

Pillar Drills

The Pilma Pillar Drill Model comes with a 1HP motor, a 330mm swing and 12 different speed levels